Trio Plus Bale wrap
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A slim everyday hero!

For increased profitability

Trioplus  – a new generation balewrap.

Trioplast has taken the usage of material to the next level with a unique technology platform PreTech® to create a thinner film but still with the same performance as standard film, 25 micron.

This technology gives the user the ability to be more efficient and save valuable time. Trioplus has more metres per roll. This can result in up to 73% more bales per roll depending on used metre length. It gives a better reach in the field and a possibility to make more bales with less roll changes. The work environment for the driver also improves and profitability increases with less film and transport costs, meaning less down time and less jumps in and out of the tractor.

Time saver

Time is of high importance for getting the best result of silage quality. A crop that is harvested early has high nutrition value. For profitability it is also important that harvest is done during the best weather. Weather plays an important part because rain is a threat to high quality silage.

Better choice for the environment

Because there is more film per roll with Trioplus the handling of waste for recycling decreases. Fewer boxes, cores and plastic used, combined with less fuel consumption, is great for the environment.

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  • Up to 70% more bales per roll.
  • Pre-stretched using Trioplast’s ingenious technology, WITHOUT compromising performance.
  • Less roll changes for the contractor.
  • No stretch gear changes required, 70% stretch for round bales and 55% stretch for square bales.


Product Width(mm) Length(m) Colour Use
Trioplus RS 750 1900 Pink Round & Square bales
Trioplus RS 750 1900 Blue Round & Square bales
Trioplus RS 750 1900 Eco Green Round & Square bales
Trioplus R 730 2600 Eco Green Round bales, comes without boxes