Triowrap has been the Balewrap of choice in New Zealand for the last 20 years. Continuous research and development, which is carried out in New Zealand and around the world makes Triowrap the perfect solution for the New Zealand contractor in our difficult climate, especially when it comes to efficiency and profitability.

For further information Agpac recommends:

Up to 7 layers of premium properties!

Premium multilayer blown film with best adhesive and stretching properties!

Many years of experience and gained knowledge regarding the requirements of baled silage and the production of film as well as the carefully selected PE raw materials and additives made this unique blown film possible. Multilayer construction and a blend of a high number of components ensure the important features for a silage film as adhesion, bonding, stretching, colour, tear-strength, UV-protection and a smooth surface.

Your reliable choice:

  • Usage of best raw materials for a consistent quality, even under extreme conditions as high temperatures, windy, dusty environments and high humidity.
  • Excellent stretchability and elasticity, as well as a significantly higher puncture resistance than standard films for airtight wrapped bales with permanent protection.
  • Can be used on all type of wrappers.
  • High pre stretch levels up to 80% make the film more efficient due to more bales per reel and hour.
  • Less burden on environment and resources because of the high quality components and additives in the film. Film and core are recyclable.
  • The high adhesive power of the film seals the valuable crop hermetically – without clogging the pre stretch unit.
  • Film reels can be used for more than one season.
  • High UV-protection for at least 12 months after wrapping, also for southern regions.
  • Waterproof, tried and tested plastic core.
  • Best silage quality due to perfect air tightness.
  • Worldwide leading in market and quality – farmers in more than 50 countries rely on Triowrap.


Contractorwrap® Feature Packaging

The harvest season is often, if not always, hectic and every minute that you can save is of importance. Therefore Triowrap has developed a packaging for farmers and contractors with high consumption, and for everyone else who wants to save time and work without boxes. We call this packaging Contractorwrap. The reels are packed directly on the pallet without boxes which increases the efficiency for the user. Take a look at the chart on page 4 to see which products are available in our Contractorwrap packaging.

  • Contractorwrap® packaging no box concept
  • Efficient and convenient
  • Less impact on the environment

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  • Up to 7-layer co-extrusion for superior strength.
  • Developed especially for wrapping square bales, giving superior strength in the “transverse direction”.
  • Suitable for use on both round and square bales.
  • UV rated for New Zealand’s climate.
  • Superior tack levels ensure the perfect seal on every bale.
  • Recommended for stretching to 70% on all round bales.
  • High tack on the inside of the film for best air tightness, while at the same time smooth outside for easy bale handling