Silotite Pro

Agpac are the proud distributors of RPC BPI Agriculture’s Silotite Pro and Silotite balewrap in New Zealand.

Silotite Pro, a technically advanced 5 layer silage stretchfilm from RPC BPI Agriculture – offers farmers and contractors the triple benefits of an enhanced bale wrapping process, significant cost savings and augmented crop quality. In the field the excellent puncture resistance, robust characteristics and tack levels of Silotite Pro unite to deliver a tough, high-performance 5 layer balewrap that operates equally well for day and night wrapping in all climates.

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  • Improved elasticity allowing 70% stretch on round bales.
  • Longer rolls providing more bales per reel.
  • Less film by weight to wrap, meaning less waste to recycle.
  • Delivers more bales per hour with fewer roll changes.
  • Increased ability to withstand tough, stalky forage crops.
  • Better ability to withstand the rigorous handling of complex machinery.
  • Applies to bale in smoother form with fewer wrinkles and therefore a better seal.
  • Better crop conservation.