Triowrap loop

Triowrap loop is manufactured using 30% recycled polymer

  • Reduce your feed losses as much as possible – Triowrap loop has been proven proven with low losses by independent research institutes
  • Be efficient in your silage making – Triowrap loop also available with 1700 m per reel and in Contractorwrap packaging!
  • Collect and sort plastic waste after usage for recycling – Triowrap loop is fully recyclable, including the packaging!

What makes Triowrap loop so special

  • First bale wrap in the market based on PCR material
  • Same mechanical properties as the Original
  • Excellent stretchability and elasticity for air tightly wrapped bales with long lasting protection
  • Can be used on all types of wrappers
  • High pre stretch level up to 80%

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White / Green

When Triowrap loop is stretched on the wrapping machine & applied to the bale definite whiter appearance is noted.