Silotite Sustane

SILOTITE SUSTANE™ is a sustainable silage stretchfilm manufactured using 30% recycled material. The significant proportion of recycled content means SILOTITE SUSTANE™ balewrap contributes to the circular economy. During field trials SILOTITE SUSTANE™ demonstrated a consistently high level of technical performance during application in addition to handling well post-wrapping.

SILOTITE SUSTANE™ balewrap is made using recycled polymers developed by Berry bpi, who have over 40 years of experience in recycling post-use flexible packaging. During this time they have developed a host of second life products now in widespread use across the construction, waste management and landscape sectors. Combining the fodder preservation expertise of Berry bpi agriculture with the recycling expertise of Berry bpi has led to the development of SILOTITE SUSTANE™ silage stretchfilms with enhanced environmental credentials.

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  • Improved elasticity allowing 70% stretch on round bales.
  • Longer rolls providing more bales per reel.
  • Less film by weight to wrap, meaning less waste to recycle.
  • Delivers more bales per hour with fewer roll changes.
  • Increased ability to withstand tough, stalky forage crops.
  • Better ability to withstand the rigorous handling of complex machinery.
  • Applies to bale in smoother form with fewer wrinkles and therefore a better seal.
  • Better crop conservation.