O² Barrier Film

Polydress O² Barrier Film is a newly developed 2 in 1 Silage Cover, which combines the traditional Black/White Silage Cover with a polyamide underlay film. This underlay film delaminates from the outer cover through Silage moisture and adheres to the stack surface, creating a vacuum effect.

The result is a one-step application process, which deliveries an oxygen barrier improved by a factor of 6 to 10 times of a traditional cover.

Thanks to the improved oxygen barrier, reduced fermentation losses, and minimal mould formation, high-quality crop can be preserved in an exceptional and sustained manner.

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  • Reduces air pockets to enhance effectiveness of conventional sheeting.
  • „„ Reduces top and shoulder losses in the clamp.
  • „„ Facilitates faster, more efficient fermentation.
  • „„ 100% recyclable.