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Healthy for the horse

Ensiling maintains important nutrition value that the horses can get all year around, and is comparable with grass. Silage is also more hygienic than hay, as hay feeding can tend to be dusty. Dust can cause respiration problems for the person who does the feeding as well as the horse.

There are higher demands for horse silage/haylage than for beef cattle. The DM (dry matter) should be drier, between 50-65 %. Therefore, HorseWrap has higher puncture and tear strength.

In addition, haylage for horses is often traded over large distances. Horse owners often don’t have their own farms, which means that the bale is put through more handling. This can result in the risk of damage and puncture of the bales. To prevent damage due to extra handling HorseWrap gives extra protection for puncture and wear resistance.

HorseWrap has been developed and tested in cooperation with experts from SLU (the Swedish Univerisity of Agricultural Sciences) and horse owners around Scandinavia. Research by SLU and practical experiences has shown that silage is an excellent forage for horses.

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  • High puncture and tear resistance.
  • Up to 7-layer co-extrusion for superior strength.
  • Suitable for use on both round and square bales.
  • UV rated for New Zealand’s climate.
  • Superior tack levels ensure the perfect seal on every bale.
  • Recommended for stretching to 70% on all round bales.
  • High tack on the inside of the film for best air tightness, while at the same time smooth outside for easy bale handling.