Combi Silage & Underlay

Installation on the clamp becomes easier, faster, and safer

The strong metallocene silage film (dart test 1000 gr) is made of 100% virgin raw materials for maximum protection from mechanical puncture, tear and UV. Its upper side is white (to prevent overheating forage) or green (a better fit to the environment). The other side it black, to ensure complete opacity that is necessary for best fermentation.

The underlay film is made of 100% LLDPE thus having the elasticity to fit perfectly on the forage and prevent the creation of air pockets between forage and the film. It helps to achieve the best conditions for anaerobic fermentation and reduces spoilage of the forage by oxygen.

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  • Reduces air pockets to enhance effectiveness of conventional sheeting.
  • „„ Reduces top and shoulder losses in the clamp.
  • „„ Facilitates faster, more efficient fermentation.
  • „„ 100% recyclable