TrioBale Compressor
bale compressor



Usage of TrioBaleCompressor

TrioBaleCompressor can, with help of its thickness and high stretch ability, be stretched hard on the bales. This helps keep the bale shape during the storage period. You will get a better silage quality as the density will be maintained when the bale chamber opens. This will give more kg DM/m³ in the bales and improve the handling of the bales.

TrioBaleCompressor must be pre-stretched on the bale. We recommend 3,5-4 rounds per bale from start rope to finish rope, regardless of conditions. The film can handle tougher conditions without the need of going up in layers on the bales. Just change the “Film Stretch %” in the control box (if necessary) after the change of conditions.

Tests have proven that the bale diameter has decreased by 5cm, in comparison with net. The film covers the edges or goes down over them, depending on bailing condition. The shape of the swaths is important to give even density in the bales.

Yield bales per roll:

Yield bales/roll is dependent on how many layers per bale, the film stretch level in the machine, and the condition in which you bale. If you bale following our recommendations, with about 3,5-4 rounds/bale during average conditions with 25-35% film stretch set in the terminal, the output of TrioBaleCompressor will be about 115-135 bales/reel. (1,25-1,30 bale diameter).


  • Better bale shape during storage.
  • Denser bales resulting in better quality silage
  • Increased Dry Matter per bale


Width(mm) Length(m) Colour
1390 2000 Green
1400 2200 Green