AgriSpinflex® – Safe & Reliable

Easy to handle

AgriSpinflex is a strong silage film for balege protection. Its high tensile strength prevents puncture and tearing when applied to the bale. Strong adhesion in the film creates an airtight environment for protection of high-quality forage.

The film is also very flexible and elastic. This makes it easy to work with during balewrapping. The film is UV stabilized for New Zealand conditions. Bales may be stored outdoor for at least one year.

AgriSpinflex is produced with selected raw material at Trioplast’s high-technology facilities. The film is developed with input from entrepreneurs, machine producers and institutes for agricultural science. AgriSpinflex is used the world over and works with all standard machines.

For the best results, Six layers of film is recommended.

Studies over extended time periods have shown that real rewards from higher nutrient content when bales are wrapped used six layers of a quality balewrap.

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  • Strong and durable co-extruded film.
  • Flexible and elastic making it easy to work with during wrapping.
  • Tackifiers in the film give high laminating effects between layers.
  • UV treated for New Zealand conditions.
  • Manufactured using only high quality virgin resin.
  • Increased tensile strength to prevent punctures and tears